Tuesday, September 24, 2013

*AHS FREEBIE* "The Mick" Mini Now on FB

So, I tried my hand at adding a fan freebie on FB and I think I have it figured out, so head on over to the AHS FB page to snag it for your stash.  Here's the preview for "The Mick" (but, you have to get it on FB, so the image is not linked for you to download here) :

A while back I asked for some feedback on FB about what kind of freebie to offer and after a little delay on my part, finally got a little Disney-inspired mini kit whipped up since it was the most requested choice at the time.  There aren't any "obvious" Disney elements, as you will notice, because I don't want to take any chances to invite Disney's legal team to contact me about infringements, but the colors are very Mickey-ish and should work perfectly for sprucing up some Disney or non-Disney layouts alike.  

Keep your eyes open for this mini to have a coordinating full kit in my stores and for more Disney-inspired items as FB freebies...like maybe "The Girlfriend" or "The Goof"... ;)  I will be alternating freebie products between minis, templates and clusters/WA packs, so check back every now and then (give or take two weeks for each freebie) to see if there's something new!

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